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Our Services

  • Site Inspections
  • Seating Layouts
  • Customization
  • Installation
  • Refurbishment and Upholstery
  • Spare Parts
  • Maintenance
  • Service Contracts
Site Inspections

Camatic works closely with each client and can conduct site surveys to provide advise and ensure the seating solution is delivered.

Whether it is a new construction build or a 100-year-old venue, ensuring the site dimensions reflect the drawings is critical to the installation success.

Sites with difficult or limited spacings are measured in advance and reviewed against the project drawings.

Seating Layouts

Camatic is able to provide each customer with project-specific seating layouts that take into accounts sight lines whilst maximising seat capacities meeting to exceed customer’s expectations.

Our Draft Engineer team provide:

• Details such as chair counts, row identification, electrical/GPO locations are included on the drawings.

• Each layout will ensure each chair is the correct fitment and maximise chair count.

• Reviews for code compliance based on the specific installation location.

• Installation drill locations, that also shown for clear communication.


Camatic has the ability to customise its range to provide clients with specific solutions.

With full prototyping capability, we can provide working samples in reduced lead times.

Each customers requirements are different and Camatic can accommodate this quickly. This makes Camatic a powerhouse for all seating requirements.


Camatic has in-house and contract installation partners around the world that are trained in Camatic Seating designs and installation requirements.

Our installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed on time and to Camatic’s high-quality expectations.

Installation service includes:

• Combined with the seating layouts, we verify room/rows are built to the architectural drawings to avoid issues.

• We have access to experienced trained installers globally.

• Installers work with other client trades to maximise installation efficiency.

• PPE and safety compliance is critical and ensuring our installation team has all the relevant local trade compliance and full induction prior to starting on site is normal practice.

• We have an appropriate level of supervision for each job size and we work with all local unions as required.

• The final step of the installation process is a quality inspection with the client to ensure satisfaction.

Refurbishment and Upholstery

Camatic seats are well known for their structural quality. As a result, by re-upholstering, we can provide our customers with the opportunity to establish that fresh new look of a new chair.

Refurbishment and upholstery includes:

• Onsite re-upholstering options available

• In factory re-upholstery also available

• Camatic products are built to last and perhaps your existing chairs just need a facelift with new seat and back covers.

• In most instances, Camatic product can be reupholstered to give product new life by having our factory trained upholsterers fit new covers.

• Works can be completed progressively after hours if required to ensure zero lost seating capacity

• At the same time seating can be upgraded with timber arms or other accessories to upgrade the patron offerings

• This can be cost-effective compared to purchasing all new product and often be done in reduced lead time.

• A Camatic representative can come to the site and assess your product for suitability of re-upholstery.

Spare Parts

Camatic provides a wide range of spare parts available for fast replacement in the unlikely event of damage or failure.

Our team can:

• Maximising the longevity of the product isvimportant and regular servicing and maintenance must be done.

• Supply a full set of spare parts either with the initial installation or as required

• Additional features such as cupholders, logos and other features can also be added after the initial installation


Camatic is able to offer its clients options of maintenance contracts, this allows the customer peace of mind in knowing that should they have opted for this service that their seats are being serviced structurally at various nominated intervals.

Our Camatic team can:

• Maximise the longevity of the product. Regular servicing and maintenance must be done as per the schedule service intervals.

• Conducting regular preventative maintenance can avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future and ensure the safety of patrons.

• Assisting with the maintenance instructions or even conduct servicing on the client behalf.

Service Contracts

At Camatic, our team is committed to the ongoing appearance and operation of your facility.

We offer a wide range of services to benefit the structure of your products:

• Chair specific experienced trades can be hard to find, so Camatic can offer to conduct all maintenance.

• Ensuring compliance with the maintenancebschedule, the safety of patrons and maximises the lifecycle of the product.

• Camatic’s maintenance team will ensure timely repairs, periodic preventative maintenance and allow regular budgeted maintenance expense