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Alamo Drafhouse Cinema, USA

Our relationship with Camatic Seating begins of course with their exceptional chairs.  What forges a vendor relationship, however, is not just the product, but the service.  What happens when we are in a jam and need immediate help?  The entire team at Camatic Seating has gone the extra mile time and again to ensure our projects stay on track.  That is why we continue to return and are proud to call them our partners.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

PROJECT: Various Installations
LOCATION: Various Locations

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Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Australia

It is with great interest that we at the M.C.G. hear you have submitted a seating package for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Stadium. In a way, it would be some consolation if Melbourne became part of the 1996 games, which for a while we had visions of hosting.

Although we missed out on the games we are very pleased to have gained our new Southern Stand. It has turned out to be at least equal to and in most cases better than anything we saw during our worldwide inspection of grandstands and seating installations.

As you are aware, Mr Samaranch was guest to the Melbourne Cricket Club last Friday, before moving on to Sydney. His appraisal of our new 40,000 seat stand and of the stadium, in general, was of the highest order and most gratifying for those, including Camatic, who worked so hard in achieving it.

We commend you on your seating installation and wish you well on this your latest venture.

Brian Haughney
Melbourne Cricket Club

PROJECT: Great Southern Stand
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

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Force Corporation Limited

Congratulations on your progress to date with your pursuits with the Stadium in Atlanta for the Olympic Games.

Force Corporation has been extremely satisfied with the seating programs you developed and installed in our Multiplexes.

1. Hamilton Multiplex 1,143 seats
2. New Lynn Multiplex 1,932 seats
3. Newmarket Multiplex 1,810 seats
4. Manukau Multiplex 420 seats
5. New Plymouth 711 seats

Total = 6,016 seats

Force looks forward to our ongoing relationship with our forthcoming projects in New Zealand.

Please forward a copy of our letter to your clients and we look forward to the opportunity to provide further recommendations and endorsement of the Camatic commitment, and to the professional way you fulfil an Export Order, ensuring clients complete satisfaction.

Derek Presland
Director of Force Corporation

PROJECT: Various Installations
LOCATION: Various Locations



Amseco International Inc, Japan

Thank you for meeting the “Seibu” Project deadlines. Our clients and their architects are very pleased with the way you’ve responded in the fast track development and delivery of this new seating program.

Already we have had several architects specifying this seat for forthcoming projects. The Camatic product with the gravity tilt mechanism has been embraced by the Tokyo Design Community, in preference to the traditional spring mechanism.

The news of our joint venture, winning the project from Kotobuki, will strategically align us with many opportunities, especially in the light of your flexibility to meet the Asian dimensions with a tailor-made product, available in volume quantity production runs.

Also, we wish Camatic success with your effort to gain the seating contract for the Atlanta Olympic Games Stadium venue. Success in Atlanta will reflect well on our strategy to obtain seating contracts for the Winter Olympic Venues in Japan.

Amseco wishes to thank your design team for tireless dedication and your production team for the high quality of the new Series 2400 seat. If Amseco can be of further assistance in recommending your products, please contact the undersigned.

Amseco looks forward to a long and prosperous future with Camatic.

Fumio Hayashi
Managing Director of Amseco International Inc

PROJECT: Seibu Project
LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan



Golden Village Entertainment, Singapore

Just a brief communication to wish Camatic every success with your endeavour with Tendering process for The Atlanta Olympic Games Stadium.

Golden Village Entertainment (Singapore) Pte Ltd would be more than delighted to endorse the quality of the seating programs which were developed for our Asian Expansion Program, along with your professional installation of the seats in the Yishun, Bishan and Kuching Projects in Singapore and Malaysia.

As evidence of our ongoing commitment to Camatic, we confirm our intention that orders will be placed for the balance of our projects in this region.

Camatic’s ability to meet challenges, design individual products to the design criteria of the Architectural Community, combined with your strengths in engineering, resulting in such a durable product, will stand you in good stead with such a significant venue as the Atlanta Olympic Stadium.

John Crawford
Managing Director of Golden Village Entertainment

PROJECT: Various Projects in Malaysia and Singapore
LOCATION: Singapore



Australian Government

I was very pleased to hear recently that your company had been selected as one of the final two candidates to provide seating for the Atlanta Olympic Stadium Project. The quality and cost competitiveness of your seating is well known to Opera goers and other prestigious venue operators in Australia and to a growing list of clients in Japan, the US, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Your commitment to quality and service, and your ability to adapt to the most stringent customer requirements are highly regarded by the Australian Trade Commission who fully support your product and your efforts overseas.

I wish you every success in Atlanta and – who knows – we may see you bidding in a couple of years time for the seating at the Sydney Olympics stadium.

Brian Howe
Acting Prime Minister of Australian Government

PROJECT: Atlanta Olympic Stadium

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Brisbane Broncos, Australia

The ANZ stadium is owned and managed by the Brisbane City Council, selected Camatic’s polypropylene seating through a public tendering process for the extensive refurbishment program in 1993.

The product selected (8,000 Hille Side Shells and 2,000 Armshell seats), constructed in our Eastern and Western stands are well suited within the conditions and usage of each stand. They have performed well, with excellent colour retention and surface conditions under our tropical climate, with negligible maintenance since their installation 1993.

Camatic’s service both during construction and after-sales service has been exemplary.
We would recommend the Camatic Stadium seating for high volume use Stadiums for similar conditions and usage.

Darryn Humphries
Operations Manager of Brisbane Broncos

LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia



Atlanta Stadium Constructors, USA

We wish to commend Camatic Pty Ltd on a job well done. They manufactured and installed over 87,0permanentent ADA and temporary seats for the Olympic Stadium.

Our decision-making team had initial reservations about working with this leading Australian seating company, as we perceived their distant location would be a disadvantage. However, the Camatic team showed us from the beginning that they could more than meet our design brief, our demanding product criteria, difficult schedules and all with a  tight budget and time constraints. We were also reassured to discover they had the experience on other offshore stadium seating contracts in the Pacific Rim countries.

We were particularly pleased with their ability to accommodate our many on-going changes to product needs and ongoing on-site configurations that arose during the later stages of the stadium configuration.

The 50,000 permanent seats which will remain for the revamped home of the Atlanta Braves are a true nostalgic baseball slatted style, incorporating state-of-the-art seating technology, unique design features and providing a high level of comfort.

We were impressed with their ADA seating. The Camatic team produced a number of innovative solutions, that set new high standards for disabled seating in the USA.

In summary, we found working with the Camatic team a pleasure. we thank Camatic for their total commitment and cooperation, contributing to the success of the 1996 Olympic Games.

Claude G Winstead III
Project Director of Atlanta Stadium Constructors

PROJECT: Atlanta Olympic Stadium

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Atlanta Stadium Design Team, USA

The Atlanta Stadium Design Team (ASDT) wishes to commend Camatic Pty. Ltd. on a job well done. Under extremely tight deadlines, they manufactured and installed over 87,000 permanent, ADA and temporary seats for the Atlanta Olympic Stadium, and are a part of the legacy of the centrepiece of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. As the previous site for Opening & Closing Ceremonies and the Track & Field events, the Atlanta Olympic Stadium has just completed its transformation into a 48,000 seat baseball stadium and permanent home of the Atlanta Braves National League baseball team.

Our Design Team had initial reservations about working with this leading Australian seating company due to their distant location. ASDT was reassured to discover Camatic had the experience of other offshore stadium seating contracts in the Pacific Rim countries.

Furthermore, the Camatic Team proved from the beginning that they could more than meet our design program, as well as, meet our demanding product criteria. They worked within the Atlanta Stadium Constructor’s aggressive installation schedules while staying within the tight budget and time constraints put forth by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG).

As the stadium progressed, ASDT was pleased with Camatic’s efficiency in accommodating ACOG’s and the Atlanta Braves’ continuously changing stadium seating requirements. They also handled the on-site seating plan reconfigurations that occurred during construction with great efficiency.

The 48,000 permanent seats, which remain for the reconfigured home of the Atlanta Braves, are a nostalgic baseball slatted style. They incorporate innovative seating technology, unique design features and provide a high level of spectator seating comfort.

The creative design of their 31,000 temporary seats harmonized perfectly with permanent seating and also provided exceptional flexibility to fulfil changing seating plans as ACOG finalized their ticketing plans. These one-piece seats featured a moulded Olympic symbol that enhanced their unique appearance.

We were also very pleased with the creativity of Camatic’s ADA seating design. In fact, the Camatic Team produced a number of innovative solutions which set new high standards for disabled seating in the U.S.A.

In conclusion, we found our experience working with the Camatic Team a pleasure. Their performance exceeded ASDT’s demands and expectations.

We thank Camatic for their total team commitment and cooperation and for greatly contributing to the success of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

George E. Taft, AIA
Project Manager of Atlanta Stadium Design Team

PROJECT: Atlanta Olympic Stadium

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First and Goal Incorporated, USA

As the new Stadium approaches completion, I am writing to express the immense satisfaction of both First and Goal Inc. and the Seattle Seahawks for the Camatic seating installation. The seating selection and installation process have been a major contributor to the excitement generated in Seattle toward the opening of the Facility in August this year.

We are most satisfied with our selection of the Quantum seats for General and Charter seating, especially the high back fully padded 24-inch wide features Quantum chairs provide for the Club seating accommodation. The selection of the Activa chair for the Suites has also proven to add value and comfort and therefore ensures our Suite Patrons will be the most comfortable in the National Football League.

As you well know, seating is such a major component of fan comfort and acceptance in any new Stadium and the Seattle fans have already embraced the enjoyment level provided by the Quantum chairs. Our owner, Mr. Paul Allen, recently toured the Facility and was highly commendable of both the Quantum and Activa chairs.

The ease of chair installation has also enabled our contractor Turner Construction to achieve better than anticipated installation and productivity rates for seating. This has assisted the Seahawks with their sales programs during construction at all levels of seating selection.

First and Goal Inc. and the Seattle Seahawks congratulate Camatic on this successful installation. You have clearly shown that our selection of both the Quantum and Activa chairs is indeed befitting of the goals for the Stadium Project.

We look forward to seeing you both on Opening Day!

Ray Colliver
Senior Project Manager of First and Goal Incorporated

PROJECT: Seattle Seahawks Stadium

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William R. Dorman and Associates Inc, USA

This letter is a bit late in getting to you but I did very much want you to have it. As the Project Manager for the US$2.2 million stadium improvements projects, we had the opportunity to work with many different contractors and material suppliers. Of all those that we worked with we were most appreciative of the attention, service and most of all, cooperation was given by yourself and Camatic seating. In every case, you both far exceeded all expectations that we had for both product and performance. The task of adding nearly 40,000 seats in the middle of the L.A. Galaxy, Major League Soccer season was no easy one. In addition to twenty soccer games, several other major events such as the 4th of July celebration and the Lilith Fair concert added to the extreme complexity of the seating of this National Landmark stadium. In addition, the owner requested a design change, which required the width of the seats and back to be increased after some 5,500 seats had already been installed. Even with all of these challenges, the stadium was ready for the first UCLA football game on September 12th, a true test of the quality and commitment we received from Camatic Seating and the Ainslie Company.

It is our firm belief that the Camatic stadium chair is the finest design and manufacturing quality that is obtainable in today’s market place. The care and attention to detail that was given to the Rose Bowl Stadium Chair are second to none. In a stadium as old as the Rose Bowl, there are many inherent problems. The custom designed seats provided a solution to overcome nearly all of the physical difficulties. Camatic Seating was the only manufacturer that was willing to address the issues and build a seat that would work well in the 1920’s landmark structure. An accomplishment that is of itself amazing.

In closing, I would again like to thank Camatic Seating and the Ainslie Company for a very difficult job that was very well done. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again sometime in the future.

William Dorman
Principal of William R. Dorman and Associates Inc.

PROJECT: Pasadena Rose Bowl
LOCATION: Pasadena California, USA



Village Roadshow Limited, Australia

We have had a very close relationship with Camatic Ltd since the early ’70s. Camatic has manufactured and installed cinema seating in the majority of our locations throughout Australasia. During our last decade of international expansion, Camatic has supplied and installed seating in our cinema complexes in New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Argentina.

We pride ourselves on having developed some of the most innovative and exciting cinema locations in the world, with great emphasis on patron comfort and enjoyment. Camatic has played a major role in ensuring that our demanding criteria have been met.

In summary, Camatic has shown themselves to be a flexible, accommodating, innovative and technologically capable team of professionals.

Village Roadshow Limited

PROJECT: Village Roadshow
LOCATION: Australia

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All England Lawn Tennis Club, United Kingdom

This is to confirm that the following recommendations from our designers and subsequent trialling on site during the 2007 Championships against competitor seating, the All England Lawn Tennis Club elected to install all new Camatic Quantum seats in our newly refurbished (and re-roofed!) Centre Court and in our new Court 2; a total of approximately 19,000 seats.

Apart from the quality product, which on May 17th was very well received by a capacity 15,000 crowd at our Test Event for the new retractable roof, the input from Camatic from start to finish has been second to none; from first commercial discussions, through sampling and trials, shipping and technical support to final installation team on site, the service has been first class.

Gary Mayle
Long Term Planning Projects Manager of All England Lawn Tennis Club

PROJECT: Wimbledon Centre Court Refurbishment

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The Hoyts Corporation Pty Limited, Australia & New Zealand

Hoyts have been using Camatic Seating as a cinema seating provider for the past 20 years. Camatic provides Hoyts with immediate, effective service and strives to meet Hoyts needs on all occasions. Camatic has proven themselves to be a strong, consistent supplier within the market place, not to mention a market leader both in Australia and internationally.

Camatic has shown that they are ready and willing to research and develop new products as demanded by the cinema business and continually meet the high standards required of them.

The relationship between Camatic and Hoyts in extremely strong and committed and we would not hesitate in recommending Camatic to other clients.

Facilities & Projects, AUS & NZ of The Hoyts Corporation Pty Limited

LOCATION: Australia & New Zealand



BNM&H Architects, Australia

We specified the Clarity Concerto chair for a recent lecture theatre project at Newington College, Stanmore.

Camatic Pty Ltd was excellent to work with from sketch design to final installation of the chairs. They provided samples of the chair for the client to test out which was very useful.

During building construction, there were last-minute constraints which altered the lecture theatre seating layout and Camatic Pty Ltd was extremely accommodating and helped greatly in finding a resolution to the revised seating layout.

The Clarity Concerto chairs themselves are very comfortable to sit on and suit the lecture theatre aesthetic very well. There are a number of options to suit a range of uses, such as individual seat numbering, fold-out writing tablet and timber or upholstered outer face.

I highly recommend the Clarity Concerto chair and would specify it again without any hesitation.

Alexander de Belin
Registered Architect of BNM&H Architects

PROJECT: Newington College
LOCATION: Stanmore, Australia



Brookfield Multiplex, Australia

Brookfield Multiplex, in its position as Head Contractor on the Peter Doherty Institute project, would happily endorse the quality of auditorium seating supplied and installed by Camatic.

From the initial tender stage through to procurement and installation, Camatic and its staff were professional, reliable and most importantly, delivered a quality product on time.

Issues that arose during the process, including everything from design coordination to site logistics, were proactively addressed and resolved without delay.

Brookfield Multiplex would like to congratulate Camatic on successful installation and we wish the company well for future projects.

Charles Bushnell
Project Coordinator of Brookfield Multiplex

PROJECT: Brookfield Multiplex
LOCATION: Australia



Maharashtra Cricket Association, India

Camatic Seating had supplied 45,000 seats Alfa model during 2010 and was erected by March 2012 at Maharashtra Cricket Association’s Cricket Stadium at Pune, INDIA.

The quality of seats supplied is very good and we are satisfied with the erection and use since March 2012.

We recommend Camatic Seating seats for all future stadiums.

Maj. Rabinder Singh
Project Manager of Maharashtra Cricket Association

PROJECT: Maharashtra Cricket Association