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Alpha is a low cost stadium seat with the strength and durability required for the toughest of crowds.

Alpha chairs are individually mounted directly to treads or risers providing uniform seat centres and perfect aisle alignment.

The chair range offers flexibility with numerous mounting options, and a complete array of accessories can transform the standard bare chair into the highest end VIP solution.

Alpha chairs are delivered to site fully assembled in boxes and installation (like maintenance) is quick and simple.

Whether it’s thousands of passionate sport fans or thousands of diehard rock-n-roll fans, Camatic Seating ensures the maximum number of patrons can be accommodated comfortably in any venue.

Alpha Range

Alpha Bare 01 Alpha Bare 02 Alpha Bare 03

Alpha Bare

Alpha is a direct mounted tilt seat stadium chair that provides spectators with long lasting ergonomic support and comfort. The bare plastic seating surfaces are textured to ensure patrons obtain full benefit from the ergonomically contoured surfaces.

Alpha Duo 01

Alpha Duo

Alpha Duo offers a venue the ability to customize individual seats to a multiple colour scheme, including residence team or clubs colours. These colour schemes can be used throughout the entire venue or in particular sections or bays to assist with crowd separation / ticketing.

While the body of the chair is one colour the inner seating surfaces can me moulded to a different second colour.

Whilst the chairs are initially delivered to site fully assembled in the desired colour scheme, changing out of the second colour (inners) can be performed on site cheaply and easily at a later stage, if the venue or club requires.

Alpha Duo can also be provided in single or two tone colours with an embossed logo to the front face of the back inner.

Alpha VIP 01 Alpha VIP 02 Alpha VIP 03

Alpha VIP

Alpha VIP adds the comfort of seat only or seat and backrest padding combined with shared or individual double armrests. Closed cell neoprene foams with marine grade vinyl can withstand the severest of outdoor conditions. Although Alpha VIP can achieve seat centres as low as 19” (480mm), it is most suited for installation from 20” (510mm) to 22” (550mm).


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Camatic has various preferred installation partners that are familiar with all Camatic seating designs and installation requirements. Our Installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed as per agreements.

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