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Put simply, Quantum seating maximizes capacity, delivers superior comfort and ensures long-term durability.

Quantum has been designed in consultation with leading ergonomists and is arguably the most comfortable seat available today.

The patented beam mount system that Quantum uses is a revolution. Seats are evenly spaced in every row, and can be easily added to, removed or re-spaced as events require.

Quantum’s low maintenance requirements have helped make this seating system extremely popular with venue operators around the world.

Whether it’s thousands of passionate sport fans or thousands of diehard rock-n-roll fans, Camatic Seating ensures the maximum number of patrons can be accommodated comfortably in any venue.

Quantum Range

Quantum 850 01

Quantum 850

Sporting arenas see a lot of action both on and off the field, which is why the Quantum 850 is such a popular choice with venue operators worldwide.

It provides maximum comfort, easy maintenance and like the entire Quantum range it will increase the patron capacity of any venue.

Row end panels can be customized with a team or venue insignia so any arena can put its own stamp on this popular seating system.

Quantum 770/850 Upholstered Quantum 850 Upholstered 02

Quantum 770/850 Upholstered

The Quantum 770/850 Upholstered range provides a more refined seating solution for arenas, stadiums, auditoriums and lecture theatres.

With cushioned, tamper resistant upholstery and a robust ergonomic design, Quantum Upholstered offers a superior level of comfort and style.

Venue operators will appreciate low maintenance design elements and the flexibility of configuration options, with single or double armrests and writing tablet arms also available. Meanwhile spectators will appreciate a truly sophisticated and comfortable seat.

Quantum IM 01 Quantum IM 02

Quantum IM

Quantum Interactive leads the way in bringing in-house media to the spectator’s fingertips. In the case of the Docklands 55,000 seat stadium in Melbourne, Australia, game statistics, instant replays, food and drinks or merchandise can be available at the touch of a button.

This revolutionary armrest combines ground-breaking technology with cutting edge ergonomic design. The interactive media units are designed to accommodate future hardware and software upgrades which can be retrofitted to any Quantum seating system.

There are no limits to what can be achieved with Quantum Interactive and a venue operator’s imagination.

Quantum Uno 01 Quantum Uno 02 Quantum Uno 03

Quantum Uno

Uno is a bucket shell version of the Quantum tilt seating range. It enables a unified seating theme to be extended into multi-use and banquet areas, while offering the same comfort and ergonomic qualities.

Seat and back pads are interchangeable between the Quantum tilt seat and Uno versions. Uno is available as a single seat, a two seat multiple or a four seat multiple, with all options featuring a pull-out linking device to ensure perfect row alignment.


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Camatic has various preferred installation partners that are familiar with all Camatic seating designs and installation requirements. Our Installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed as per agreements.

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