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Finally venue operators can provide patrons, in every row of their facility, equivalent comfort of the highest standard with Forte. Forte Compact has identical ergonomic contouring and cushioning support as Forte, however is miraculously able to fold down to 150mm (6”) envelope for retractable platforms. Never before has a chair with this level of contouring and support been able to achieve such a feat.

Forte also provides operators with additional seating locations through its unique beam mounting system, where seat modules mount independent of the bracket attachment to sub-structure.

Maintenance is made easy with the chair’s toggle locking system to beam, and Camatic’s patented cushion removal system in both seat and backrest.

Whether it’s thousands of passionate sport fans or thousands of diehard rock-n-roll fans, Camatic Seating ensures the maximum number of patrons can be accommodated comfortably in any venue.

Forte Range

Forte 01 Forte Slimline

Forte (Standard/Slimline)

Forte provides the sports enthusiast with hours of long term comfort. The ergonomic contours of the molded seat and backrest cushions enhance the contemporary styling of this chair.

Lift-up arms are standard on all chairs, while cup-holders can be fitted to the armrest or rear of chair in front (back mounted).

Forte Slimline’s thinner back rest cushion, providespatrons with increased legroom when back to back spacing is limited.

Forte Compact 01 Forte Compact 02 Forte Compact 04 Forte Compact 03

Forte Compact

Forte Compact provides patrons nearest to the action with exceptional comfort whilst in use, and offers the ability to fold down to (150mm) 6” envelope for retractable flooring systems. The contouring of this slim line chair offers equivalent comfort to that of a standard Forte chair, meaning spectators in the premium areas are also in the best seats not just the best location. Forte Compact can be used to improve access/egress along rows, while its similar styling enables it to be used alongside Forte.

Forte JOT 01 Forte JOT 02 Forte JOT 03 Forte JOT 04 Forte JOT 05

Forte JOT

Forte/JOT are the ideal solution when one needs to work while seated. For Press, Conference and Educational purposes the writing surface of JOT provides the user with a large A3 area of extremely durable material.

Whilst the chairs contoured cushions provide long term comfort, the tablet’s anti panic deployment system automatically returns the table to its home position when the user stands.


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Camatic has various preferred installation partners that are familiar with all Camatic seating designs and installation requirements. Our Installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed as per agreements.

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