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The Quantum Education seating system provides a glimpse into the future with an intelligent approach to maximizing capacity, comfort and durability.

Designed in consultation with leading ergonomists, Quantum Education is arguably the most comfortable seat of its kind in existence.

Quantum Education patented beam mount system is a design revolution. Seats are evenly spaced in every row, and can be easily added, removed or re-spaced, as events require.

And the low maintenance requirements make the Quantum Education extremely popular with learning institutions around the world.

From the hallowed halls of learning at prestigious universities to the most modern of conference centres, Camatic Seating has always believed that for the mind to be active, the body must first be comfortable.

Quantum Education Range

Quantum 850 Notebook 01 Quantum 850 Notebook 03

Quantum 850 Notebook

The Notebook writing tablet is almost unbreakable due to the strength and rigidity of its solid core and tamper resistant fixings. It is A3 size to easily accommodate a laptop computer and is suitable for both left and right hand use. A patented knuckle system provides a singular plane of free-flowing movement and the anti-panic feature enables the tablet to fall away in an emergency.

Quantum 850 Upholstered 01 Quantum 850 Upholstered 02

Quantum 850 Upholstered

The Quantum 850 Upholstered range provides a more refined seating solution for auditoriums and lecture theatres. With cushioned, tamper resistant upholstery and a robust ergonomic design, it offers a superior level of comfort and style.

Venue operators will appreciate the many low maintenance design elements and flexibility of configuration options. Single and double armrests and writing tablet arms are also available.

Quantum 850 D2 01 Quantum 850 D2 02 Quantum 850 D2 03

Quantum 850 D2

The combination of Quantum Seating with the D2 tablet offers the best combination for budget conscious venue operators. It is robust and simple in its design, with a dual stow motion. The pivot body is made of composite material and the phenolic laminate of the writing tablet provides a tough, scratch resistant surface.

Quantum 850 Lectra 01 Quantum 850 Lectra 02 Quantum 850 Lectra 03

Quantum 850 Lectra

The Lectra tablet is a perfect addition to the Quantum Seating System in venues, offering extended legroom. The tablet is fixed in front of the patrons and features an extruded aluminium pedestal frame. It lifts and lowers in a dual stow motion to maximise egress. The scratch resistant phenolic laminate surface and folding mechanism ensure the tablet is low maintenance and highly durable.


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Camatic has various preferred installation partners that are familiar with all Camatic seating designs and installation requirements. Our Installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed as per agreements.

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