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Clarity is an ergonomically designed compact seating innovation which offers unsurpassed comfort.

This is the perfect choice for discerning venues in need of a stylish look. It has proven to be a popular choice for performing arts auditoriums, educational lecture theatres, arenas and places of worship.

All Camatic Seating products are designed in consultation with leading ergonomists and provide hours of seating comfort. The Clarity range can be tailored to blend harmoniously with the most sophisticated of venues.

The low maintenance design and comprehensive range of finishes has made Clarity a clear choice for venue operators everywhere.

From the hallowed halls of learning at prestigious universities to the most modern of conference centres, Camatic Seating has always believed that for the mind to be active, the body must first be comfortable.

Clarity Range

Clarity Tilt 01 Clarity Tilt 02 Clarity Tilt 03

Clarity Tilt

Clarity Tilt is a versatile and supremely comfortable modern seat that provides venue owners with a range of options when space is at a premium. This compact seat’s ergonomic design is also conducive to sitting for long periods.

While patrons enjoy the lumbar support and well positioned armrests of Clarity Tilt, venue operators appreciate that it can be tailored for the most sophisticated of venues.

Clarity Concerto 01 Clarity Concerto 02

Clarity Concerto

Clarity Concerto is a classic choice for any performing arts venue. Timber veneer outers can be made to match to other timbers used in the building. These timbers not only add warmth to a venue, their reflective properties can assist in achieving the best acoustic level for performing arts. Clarity’s silent gravity tilt seat ensures unwanted sounds are never heard during or after a performance.

Clarity Club 01 Clarity Club 02 Clarity Club 03

Clarity Club

Clarity Club is unequalled in providing long-term seating comfort, modern design and superior quality. It features Camatic Seating’s signature ergonomic design, fully enclosed box-style armrests and a silent gravity tilt seat. A range of back options and finishes are available to suit the look of any venue.

Clarity Scholar 01 Clarity Scholar 02 Clarity Scholar 03

Clarity Scholar

When a writing surface is required without a significant loss of seating numbers, Clarity Scholar is at the head of the class. The addition of the tablet only marginally increases the overall dimensions of the seat so it can be used on the tightest of row spacing and seat centres. The tablet mechanisms are robust and safe with laminated writing surfaces that are virtually indestructible.


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Camatic has various preferred installation partners that are familiar with all Camatic seating designs and installation requirements. Our Installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed as per agreements.

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