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The Alamo Drafthouse, the theater for movie fans by movie fans. The Alamo Drafthouse is dinner, drinks, movies and events, all under one roof. Alamo Drafthouse’s attention to detail in film presentation and programming has made them a second home to movie fans all over the planet and earned accolades from the likes of Entertainment Weekly (#1 theater in America), (Coolest Movie Theater in the World) and (One of the Best Theaters in the Country.

Alamo Drafthouse desired a high performance, aesthetically attractive product that fit into a smaller footprint without sacrificing comfort or the other valuable amenities that make visiting the Alamo Drafthouse a distinctive movie-going experience.

With its narrow envelope and wall-hugging design, the new Valencia Motion chair by Camatic allowed Alamo Drafthouse to maximize their seating capacities while still delivering optimum comfort and seating engineering. In the first partnership between Camatic and Alamo, over 600 Valencia Motion seats were installed at their Mueller Cinema and the feedback has been outstanding from both client and cinema patrons.

Camatic expands the roll out of the new Valencia cinema seat in the North American market. The always innovative Alamo Drafthouse was the first to capitalise on Valencia’s unparalleled comfort and design as the chair fit the Alamo Drafthouse mission of giving the best film going experience the industry affords.

Right now, somewhere in the world, lights dim, the curtains lift and the audience settles into the comfort of Camatic Seating.

Camatic Seating has provided theatre and auditorium seating for high profile venues around the globe. Our seating is not only design and aesthetically conscious but durable and easy to maintain.


1,250 seats

Valencia Motion

Valencia Motion is designed for tight row spacing. It’s envelope can be configured as low as 1150mm (46 1Ž2”). The Valencia Motion can be positioned right up against a wall to maximise use of space. There is no rearward movement of the backrest is it reclines. The unique action of the Valencia Motion gently reclines the seat & backrest as the footrest is being raised. The motion recliner can easily be reconfigured on site to one of four setting which give more recline / larger envelopes.

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