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The Activa range from Camatic Seating is the very latest in cinema seat technology and comfort. Elegant, contemporary designs provide patrons with hours of comfort as they sit back, relax and enjoy the show in style.

The attractive features of Activa, which include plush fabrics and well positioned cup holders, create a stylish and total cinema experience for patrons.

Designed in consultation with world renowned ergonomists, the Activa range offers extremely high levels of comfort in both fixed and reclining backrest versions. From VIP to general and club seating, Activa provides venues with a range of exciting design alternatives.

Right now, somewhere in the world, lights dim, the curtains lift and the audience settles into the comfort of Camatic Seating.

Camatic Seating has provided theatre and auditorium seating for high profile venues around the globe. Our seating is not only design and aesthetically conscious but durable and easy to maintain.

Activa Range

Activa Tilt Prima 01 Activa Tilt Prima 02

Activa Tilt Prima

Activa Tilt Prima offers excellent value with streamlined upholstery and all the benefits of the Activa range.

Prima is the simplest of the three Activa upholstery options, with sleek lines and minimal stitch detail.

Audiences in venues around the world enjoy the extreme comfort of Activa Tilt Prima and venue operators likewise enjoy the easy care and low maintenance of this quality seat.

Activa Tilt Luxe 01 Activa Tilt Luxe 02

Activa Tilt Luxe

Activa Tilt Luxe is a plush and luxurious design that offers a superior degree of comfort and refinement.

The seat features multi-panel upholstery detail that accentuates ergonomic contouring and provides exceptional levels of comfort in reclining and fixed backrest versions.

Designed as a low maintenance, luxurious seating solution, Activa Tilt Luxe is the popular choice among discerning cinema operators.

Activa Fixed Ultra 01 Activa Fixed Ultra 02 Activa Fixed Ultra 03 Activa Fixed Ultra 04

Activa Fixed Ultra

Activa Fixed Ultra is a stylish seat that invites patrons to relax and enjoy their entertainment experience.

This classic armchair features a reclining back, full width seat, rich upholstery and padded armrests with an ergonomically located 44oz cup holder. The seat’s headrest and deep cushioning is highlighted by precision stitching.

The comfortable proportions and smooth detailing of Activa Fixed Ultra makes a lasting impression.

Activa Club Supre 01 Activa Club Supre 02

Activa Club Supre

Activa Club Supre offers stylish seating reminiscent of the jazz age.

Designed to suit arthouse, VIP and elegant general admission cinemas, Activa Club Supre offers a full width seat base and reclining back, three point deco upholstery styling and Camatic Seating’s signature padded club armrests.

For an extra touch of class, the range of options includes side tables, wine bottle holders and upholstered outer backs.


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Camatic has various preferred installation partners that are familiar with all Camatic seating designs and installation requirements. Our Installers work closely with our project management team to ensure all work is completed as per agreements.

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